Digital Strategy & Creative Content

From writing for marketing and newsletters to graphic design and the fine arts, my portfolio showcases a vast array of examples cultivated for businesses and non-profits as well as my own endeavors. Explore below!

  • Search engine optimization - I use writing strategies to boost your website to the top of Google rankings.
  • Editing - From AP to MLA, those comma splices won't get away from me!
  • Blogging - Poignant, personal storytelling grabs your audience's attention.
  • Social media - From hashtags to humorous tag lines, I can spread the word and increase followers.

  • Logo Design - An iconic image that represents your brand creates significant emotion and appeal.
  • Social Media - I know the tools to use, the shape and size your images should be for a flattering presentation.
  • Posters & Flyers - Create a unique statement with with images and words for print and digital media.


  • Your brand can excel within the vast ocean of the web. I've have the gear to create an entire school of followers.
  • Style guides - Your standards are unique, and consistency is key. I'll organize a user-friendly document for your business.
  • Storytelling is the key to provide a cohesive platform for your audience.
  • Web pages - Choosing the size, composition , and subject matter is my specialty.
  • Social media - I know the look and feel of what's up and coming.
  • Painting - From teaching painting classes to creating my own masterpieces in oil and acrylic, the brush is simply an extension of the noise my mind and the dreams of my subconscious.
  • Drawing - Lines and shadows guide me to mimic what's there or what we cannot see.
  • Sculpture - Wire bees and paper mache are among my favorites.
  • Mixed media - Bike frames, scraps of wood, glass, old jeans: junk is my friend.
  • Textiles - The old macrame books my mom loaned to me as a teenager have been guides for my wall hangings.